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Narendra Modi
 'A life for India'
      To know the man better
      His thought in a few quotes

                                Education, women  

Good roads, good houses, adequate electricity, good schools or good hospitals in the village are indeed, the parameters of progress. However, in my view, 100 percent literate village is the true symbol of real progress.” 

"I did not come here as a Chief-Minister, or not even as a common man. I am a beggar. I came here to seek your promise to educate your girls ". 

"It is high time for India to reaffirm its greatness in front of the world and a nation cannot base its influence without promoting its culture." 

“Mahatma Gandhi used to say that if a son gets educated, only an individual is educated, but when a daughter is educated, the entire family is educated. I go one step further –When a daughter is educated, Not only one but two families are educated, Her own parental family and the family of her in-laws, Hence, do educate your daughter. If there is education, there will be an awakening, a will to do better.” 

"Not any spark came to make me aware of the woman’s position. It is something which grew with me. Since the childhood, I believe in the equality ".

                                           His function 

" If your heart is clear, If you have clarity in your ideas, If you have the conviction to do and the courage to face. I am sure, you can achieve." 

" Even if I am working in the political system, in fact I am not a politician. I simply became it by accident ". 

“Let work itself be the ambition.”  

“I didn't become CM on 07-10-2001. I have always been CM, I am CM today and shall be CM forever. For me CM means not Chief Minister but Common Man.” 

“Dreams are not seen when you sleep, dreams are those that don't let you sleep.” 

“People’s participation is the essence of good governance.”  

“In a vast & huge country like India, e-governance is the only way for effective delivery unto the last.”


"Narmada is not only a river but is a life line to convert Gujarat into a green abode. It is of our duty to pay homage and pray to Mother Narmada”. 

"To exploit the nature, to bleed it dry is a crime. You can feed yourself from Earth, but not plunder it. Whatever you are enjoying today is a present from your forefathers, so it is your duty to give it as a gift to the future generations.”

       “We have to leave what is not proper in today’s life. Don’t carry the burden of the past with you. It might have been the richest in the past but may be the today’s yoke.
 Everything should be modernized ; the society has to be dynamic. There should be combination between tradition and modernization.
  I use to say : modernization without westernization.”
"Namaste is a philosophy : in you, I see God and I show him my respect. The Divine in you and the one in me is the same, I honour Him in you”