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Narendra Modi
 'A life for India'
                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

Introduction : Narendra Modi’s Gujarat 
First part : from Vadnagar to Delhi 
Chapter 1 : seventeen years in Vadnagar 
Chapter 2 : the “ R.S.S years” 
Chapter 3 : from pracharak to politician  
Second part : Chief-Minister of Gujarat 
Chapter 1 : first challenges 
Chapter 2 : Godhra and the community riots 
Chapter 3 : a common man, a new way of governing 
Chapter 4 : spirituality and Tradition in his function 

Third part : Gujarat’s transformation 
Chapter 1 : Education for all 
Chapter 2 : Yotigram Yojana – Electricity for all 
Chapter 3 : Sardar Sarovar Project - Water for all 
Chapter 4 : the nature’s lover 
Chapter 5 : an exemplary agricultural growth 
Chapter 6 : a man in tune with women 
Chapter 7 : Gram-Swaraj - Gandhi’s dream realized by Narendra Modi 
Chapter 8 : Gujarat, a gift to the world 
Chapter 9 : for eleven years, the same enthusiasm 
Chapter 10 : Towards a new mandate 
Towards the highest post 

A day with the children during Shala Pravesh Utsav. 
With Sakina and Shitalben, beneficiaries of Chiranjeevi Yojana. 
Widows, they found their place in the society. 
A life after the horror 
Lathidad, the transformed village